The full collection of novels, novella, and serial fiction by author Aden Ng. From thriller to hard fantasy and one-shots to sagas. There is sure to be a story for all.

139- IE 2nd Edition
Cover art by Adam Wayne.

139: In Evening

Timothy Kleve is a seemingly ordinary 17-year-old still reeling back from the death of his mother. When a deadly phenomenon that causes people to die from their dreams called the Vashmir Pandemic throws society into chaos, Tim is forced to fight for his life and the lives of his loved ones.

When a controversially addictive drug, Somnidin, starts to run out, he finds himself dragged further into a world where fear is power, desperately trying to protect his best friends, Clay and Stella Barber, from death.

The world ending. The death toll rising. Hunted by dream monsters, criminals, law enforcement, and civilians alike, the outcast trio must find a way to stop the pandemic, or risk a sleep that lasts an eternity.

Paperback and eBook exclusive: Bonus prequel short story, Bleached, and three new chapters and new scenes not found in the serialization.


Serial: Completed!
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Cover art by Adam Wayne.

139 Years to The End of the World

“My name is Milton Jones. I am one hundred and sixty-nine years old. Welcome to the end of the world.”

Due to a terminal illness, Milton Jones has just 15 days left to live. When the government offered to cryogenically preserve him to save the world, he will become the judge of humanity.

Journey with him through an ever growing dystopian universe, where he will struggle with the meaning of family and the value of life. Discover whether there is still life left in the years to the end of the world, and if it is truly worth saving.

It’s a story about selfishness and the things we do for family. It’s a story about time travel in the only way we know how… moving forward. – J.A Waters, author of Lyncia


Serial: Completed!
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Illustration by Mel Guzzardi.

Tearha: The Number 139


Travelling through time, space, and now dimensions, The Watcher arrives on the continent of Eltar of the planet of Tearha, chasing the mystery of the number ‘139’.

As humans encroach on Valendra Forest, Adelaide Wiltkins, a rude elf with a forgotten past takes up arms to protect her home.

Meanwhile, Nadier, a mercenary dark elf, tries to uncover the brewing conspiracy that led to the death of his sworn brother and find vengeance.

All the while, a threat looms from within the bronze walls of the city of Everwind, threatening to engulf the world in a deadly war.


Serial: Completed!
JukePop SerialsWattpadFictionpress

eBook: 2017

Paperback: TBA

Keep Walking (SWP Cover)

Tearha: Keep Walking (Novella)

Lucinda Baerrinska, Joashden Stalewaver, and Jacqueline Fertilans have a long road ahead of them. Their destination? The land of clear skies away from the Tainted black air of Katoki.

But to reach their goal, they have to traverse the war-torn landscape of the Walking Path and face the Leviathan’s Helm, a torrential river that no one in history has managed to cross.

Faced with towering Titans, roaming soldiers, and perilous terrain, can they make it to the fabled land in one piece? Can they rely on each other to survive ?

What we have here is a short but action packed story in a beautifully crafted fantasy world. – Kathy Joy, author of Lexus


Serial: JukePop Serials – (Editing)

Tearha: Deck of Clover

Aleynonlia’s Spellblade Academy is the first of its kind, teaching young magic users to control, refine, and responsibly use their powers.

Or at least, as responsibly as teenagers get.

The students of Class C were always known as a group of easy-going outcasts. However, their lives are forever changed when they find themselves assigned an ominous prediction by a dead seer and numbered “Zero” to “Thirteen”.

Standing on the precipice of a cataclysmic invasion, the young Spellblades must solve the mystery of their epitaphs and face their destiny . Alone or together.


Serial: Serializing
JukePop Serials – WattpadFictionpress

eBook: 2018

Paperback: TBA

The 19th Hour (Novella)


She could hear the gunshots echoing. The constant Bang! Bang! of the battlefield. A never-ending cymbal crescendo of gunpowder and lead.

Allison Bree wanted to be a flutist. Instead, she found herself within the trenches when the war began. One day, everyone died. At least, until she was given the chance to change the course of history, forever.

Forced to relive the last hour that lead up to their impending doom over and over again, she must find a way to stop an insurmountable attack, while fighting a war that lasts just an hour too long.


Serial: JukePop Serials – (Completed)

Absolution Cover 1-08


Part 1:
Kenji Mitsui lost his home when the armies from Westlay attacked. Escaping to a refugee camp in Aston’s capitol city of Mullen, the boy finds himself in a struggle to rebuild the semblance of a normal life.

However, that hope might not last as his father is pulled into a clandestine conspiracy that threatens the last bastion of peace in a world engulfed by war.

(Absolution is a three-part novel. Part 1 has finished serializing. Part 2 will resume in 2018.)


Serial: JukePop Serials – (Hiatus until TBD)

eBook: TBA

Paperback: TBA


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