139: In Evening

139- IE 2nd Edition

Timothy Kleve is a seemingly ordinary 17-year-old still reeling back from the death of his mother. When a deadly phenomenon that causes people to die from their dreams called the Vashmir Pandemic throws society into chaos, Tim is forced to fight for his life and the lives of his loved ones.

When a controversially addictive drug, Somnidin, starts to run out, he finds himself dragged further into a world where fear is power, desperately trying to protect his best friends, Clay and Stella Barber, from death.

The world ending. The death toll rising. Hunted by dream monsters, criminals, law enforcement, and civilians alike, the outcast trio must find a way to stop the pandemic, or risk a sleep that lasts an eternity.

Paperback and eBook exclusive: Bonus prequel short story, Bleached, and three new chapters and new scenes not found in the serialization.

Serial: Completed!

eBook: Available now!
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Paperback: Available now!
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    1. If you want, you can read the serial version, which is free. It’s not fully edited, and is slightly different from the full release, but it should give you a glimpse if you’d like the story or not! 😀

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