139 Years to the End of the World

Cover art by Adam Wayne.

“My name is Milton Jones. I am one hundred and sixty-nine years old. Welcome to the end of the world.”

Due to a terminal illness, Milton Jones has just 15 days left to live. When the government offered to cryogenically preserve him to save the world, he will become the judge of humanity.

Journey with him through an ever-growing dystopian universe, where he will struggle with the meaning of family and the value of life. Discover whether there is still life left in the years to the end of the world, and if it is truly worth saving.

Serial: Completed!

eBook: Available now!
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Paperback: Available now!
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It’s a story about selfishness and the things we do for family. It’s a story about time travel in the only way we know how… moving forward. – J.A Waters, author of Lyncia


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