Series: Screaming at a Wall

Screaming at a Wall is a new blog series where I give my comments and opinions on what I think are the important issues of our time. While I was born in Singapore, and currently live in the country, I consider myself more of an Earthling, a Citizen of Earth, than anything else. As such, I will try to touch on topics from around the globe.

The name ‘Screaming at a Wall’ came from the reaction of my blog post about the tragic Paris shooting in November, 2015, where I described the attempts of the small millions to move the world away from the generic evil as “shouting at a wall of billions strong”.


(Feb 05) Everyone is Actually an Atheist


(Dec 31) Happy Goodbye, 2016
(Nov 10) A Letter for Peace
(Nov 02) Anime Feminist Misses the Point
(Oct 14) The Greatest WMD of the 21st Century
(Sep 12) The 9/11 Generation
(Jun 28) The Price of Ad Blockers
(Jun 06) Good Guys don’t Hold Hand Grenades
(May 16) America’s Next President?
(Mar 23) The Value of Life
(Mar 01) I am a Millennial
(Feb 01) How to Kill a Little Boy
(Jan 06) You Just Died of Dysentery


(Dec 16) Singapore’s Worst Person
(Dec 11) Zadroga
(Nov 28) Adam Lambert and LGBTQ in Singapore
(Nov 14) Screaming at a Wall
(Oct 27) The World is Dying – Stop Being Idiots