Blog: Good Guys don’t Hold Hand Grenades

This will be a very short post. My shortest yet. There’s not even going to be any fancy editing, because that’s what you deserve this time. I just wanted to give my thoughts on the U.S presidential election process this year.

Congratulations America. You’ve got your “first” female president (quote because it’s not over yet). You fucking deserved it. Sure, going by everything an outsider like myself has seen so far, even an idiot could see she cheated, stole, and manipulated the whole process to get there, but congratulations. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party’s Nominee.

I mean, yeah, going by her record she’s likely to violate national security (international if she’s president) simply for the sake of “convenience”, and that both major party nominee have an approval rating lower than the body buried under my flat, and a tendency and possibility of starting the next big war, but yay, she won.


You guys looked at an apple and a bottle of poison, and managed to choose a hand gun. It’s best you put that in your mouth and bite the bullet while it’s still hot.

I’m not surprise Clinton won. It was inevitable. But I’ve always hoped the world could have gone a little better. Because there was always that glimmer of hope I’ve chased my whole life. After all, policies ran by good morals may be less effective, but at least they are good. You might not earn as much, but at least they are good.

Bernie did not lose because he’s incompetent. He did not lose because he was a terrible policy maker. How could you be a terrible policy maker when you’ve been nicknamed “The Amendment King”? No. He lost because he ran a clean campaign. He lost because he didn’t play dirty.

He lost, because good guys don’t hold hand grenades.

Good guys look at others and say, “Let me help you climb up together.”

Bad guys just use the chunks from blown-up bodies as mortar to lay foundations to step on.

I mean, at this point, I don’t even have to look to know that something shady happened. It just simply did, because at this point, it’s what I expect of the voting process in America. That’s how screwed up it is. I, on the other side of the world, am disappointed by a voting process I never once in my life – and may never – took or take part in. 

Congratulations everybody. Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become president.

You fucking deserved it.



  1. I actually think much of the heavy handed stuff from the Hillary camp is less about the race for the nomination than the negotiations from here forward. Her camp is doing their best to quash Sanders and his supporters instead of viewing us as potential allies. Frankly, so be it. Message received.


  2. You’re funny. Bernie NEVER had a real chance and, if he’s not fallen to dementia or Alzheimers, knew this up front. Hillary was given this nomination back in 2007 when the DNC decided that a Black was a better choice than a White woman.

    Not that this particularly matters to me because I’m voting for Trump and because the rooftop vote isn’t limited to election day and, hence, I’m not too worried about Hillary and the damage she’d cause.


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