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I understand that each country has its pros and cons. Singapore is economically stable and physically safe, but clamps down on free speech and the art scene. America is one of the freest country in the world, but have more political divide than the length of the Grand Canyon. Japan is Japan.

But I like America. Or at least, the vision of what the intellects of the country wants it to be. Freedom of speech with consequences for extremes. Smart, progressive debates between competing parties. Country-wide respect for the people who serve. Diversity. Education. Bernie Sanders. Neil Tyson. Bill Nye. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Johnny Yong Bosch. Ellen Page…

Wait, what was I talking about again?

Oh. Right.

Yet, it seems like America keeps hitting bumps in the road that forces it to never be what it can truly be. Bumps that some of their own people put there. Like the fact that the Zadroga Act, which expired in Oct-fucking-tober, and is about to run out of funds, has yet to be renewed, or even more, been made a permanent part of the law.

#WorstResponders, ever, of all time.

For those who do not know anything about the Zadroga Act, it is, from what I understand, a law that would grant medical benefits and claims for the first responders who now suffers deadly respiratory and cancerous illnesses for their service on ground-zero during the days after 9/11.

The bill that would pass the act as law is currently being held up by their congress for ‘reasons’. Reasons such as ‘nothing’.

What the flying fuck?

I’ve stated before that I can remember where I was when I first found out about 9/11. It was the day after, and I was 9 years old and I got up, went down to get breakfast, and saw the smoking towers on the front page newspaper. My dad was watching the news on it so I walked into the living room. Aside from the sadness I felt from what my 9 years old brain could comprehend, I remembered thinking, “Wow. The people (fire-fighters) are so brave.”

It makes no sense whatsoever that this bill is being held up. Just pass it on. No money? Fine. Why not just raise taxes slightly? I’m sure any and all Americans, no, human beings, would be fine with an increase specifically to help save the lives of the people who risked everything to support a country in their worst hour of the century.

Or maybe you could tax your millionaires? Which, as I understand, are mostly made of assholes on Wall Street. And those who aren’t assholes? I’m pretty sure they would be more than happy to help the first responders, because if they are not, they are assholes.

Hey, how about reducing the country’s nuclear stockpile, a stockpile that can end the Earth 50 times over, and costs the entirety of the Zadroga Act and more for 80 years within the span of ONE FUCKING YEAR!

To the congress of America, and especially, guy who has the face of the love child of a walnut and turtle, Mitch McConnell, pass the damn bill.

Your police and firefighters are asking for it. The citizens across your country are asking for it. Most of your own government is asking for it. A former fake newsman is asking for it. Even your current fake newsman is asking for it. So why not?

To my American readers, if I have American readers, do me a favour. I’m stupid on American politics, so I don’t know who to scream at. But help me tell whoever it is you’re suppose to scream at, that from all the way across the world, I think they are fucking idiots.



  1. If there’s one thing America isn’t, it’s free. Oh, and smart. That’s some weird, wonky illusion. This coming from someone who has lived here all her life and been immersed in the politics of things. They value “Political freedom” and “The pursuit of happiness” over food, shelter, health, and education. No one even knows what the hell the pursuit of happiness is lmfao. Just something some dude said. I’m guessing that bill isn’t being renewed because of insurance scams. Insurance makes a lot of money off Cancer patients. People just want to make money and you don’t make the amount of money they make by being humane. Not in this country. Sorry for the dark and disturbing answer, but it’s the truth. I’ll always love living in this country, especially since some of me is indigenous to it, but I’ll forever hate what people have made it. Congress is a joke, too. Okay I’m done now. Rant over lol.


    1. It’s fine to rant. Ranting helps push out frustration, and leads to open topic. Pursuit of happiness, as I understand it, is just another term for chasing the dream, which is the opportunity to do better than our ancestors and prior generations. But like I said in the second paragraph, I don’t think America is ‘free’ and ‘smart’ right now, but the ones who are have a vision for the country that I admire greatly, which is everything I’ve stated, and a little more.

      First step everyone needs to take, from everywhere in the world, is to chip away at the wall of ignorance and apathy, and make sure nothing rebuilds that chip. I’m hopeful that one day, these sort of things would be a relict of the past of a less intelligent race.

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      1. The problem is, that “American Dream” doesn’t exist. In this country we don’t even pay respects to our ancestors, the first people on this continent, so we’ll never be able to do better than them. I agree, there’s a huge wall of ignorance and apathy that needs to be taken down. That’s a must. It’s sad the world still operates behind it. We all talk about how we want the future to be, but no one ever talks about how we’re going to get there, that’s one of the major issues we have over here. Sure we talk about how we want to get rid of racism and how it needs to be abolished, but no one’s taken the time to acknowledge why it is the way it is, no one’s taken responsibility for the genocide of cultures here thousands upon thousands of years before the Europeans. An “apology” to African American’s of today is not acknowledgement of how it affects today’s generations and the generations of the future. See, ranting again. American Politics really irk me. Yes, the world has some stuff to work on. Hope is nice, but hope gets us nowhere.


  2. One thing I’ve noticed about Americans is that they seem to detest giving away anything to anyone when it comes to their tax dollars. Look at how they responded to Obama Care. All you heard was “I’m not paying for whores to have babies”, “Don’t the poor get enough …?” and the the like. I had hoped that as it was for heroes they would change their attitude but no.

    It is a tremendous shame but that’s the way it goes. America is very much a justice, education and medical help for the rich, which is a huge shame.


    1. That’s mostly how it is for most first world countries that does not have a strong middle-class system. And that system, from upper class mindset to middle-class support, is very hard to change. Which is why I am very interested in Bernie Sanders, who’s running for president in the U.S. He is trying to move that immovable pillar of upper 10% back down to a redistribution of wealth, which has never been properly done for a 1st world country.


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