Author of the Month – J.A Waters

Were you waiting for this? I don’t think you are, but I’m going to pretend you were. Here’s our second interview for our Author of the Month!



Aden: Hello everybody, and welcome to our second Author of the Month interview! This month, we have Joseph Waters, author of SyncPoint, Nod-Off, and Lyncia. With him are his characters from Lyncia, Trehbit and King Jonath! Would you three introduce yourself to the readers?

Joe: Hello! And thank you for inviting us for an interview. I usually go by Joe, and I’ve been writing on JukePop for a little under a year now. Who would like to go next?

Joe with his titular character, Lyncia Eyresin.
Joe with his titular character, Lyncia Eyresin.

Trehbit: No matter to me! I be Trehbit Ahn Sofur, monk scholar from Taendragor. I very interested in this strange place. You must tell me how we transported here. Curious dream, perhaps?

Trehbit Ahn Sofur
Trehbit Ahn Sofur

King Jonath: Just as I pause to gather my thoughts, I am interrupted by a strange monk that appears to have made it across the Winged Seas. No matter, the Taendragor people are not known for their manners. I, of course, am King Jonath Danyu Eyresin, Realmsguard of Galania.

King Jonath Eyresin
King Jonath Danyu Eyresin

Joe: Haha. You guys. But yeah. A dream. This is totally a dream.

Aden: Yes, A dream. Just have fun with this um…dream. So, while you, Joe, has written an impressive total of three serials for JukePop, we’re going to focus on Lyncia today. To start off, care for a quick introduction to the story of Lyncia?

Joe: Pfft, and meanwhile you’ve done four serials for JukePop and are going strong with a crazy-cool multiverse that interconnects them all.

Aden: I uh…I lost count. Yeah, I’m going with that excuse.

Joe: But yeah, Lyncia is the story of Princess Lyncia Eyresin, heir to the throne of…

King Jonath: What is the meaning of mentioning my daughter? Is this another of those mummer’s plays that exaggerates her willful escapades? And I will have you know that she is not the heir to my throne. Galania’s rule follows the line of men, as Aldyor says it must be.

Joe: Well, she is the eldest. But anyway, she tries to overcome that little sticking-point rule of yours and then the book follows her adventures resulting from that decision.

King Jonath: Hmmph. I would not be surprised were she to make such a foolhardy decision.

Aden: I know I’m not.

Trehbit: Interesting point, Aldyor texts very young. Not so sure Galanian god so good for proof.

Joe: Right. Let’s not get into gods and religion. The book of Lyncia has enough of that as it is. There’s all sorts of crazed powers flying about pretty shortly and the princess has to try sorting out those issues as they take over her life.

Aden: Yes, there is quite a bit of religion and conflicts between gods. Very, very interesting stuff. So, to Joe, is there an inspiration or reason for such a story and this world you’ve developed?

Joe: Well, the whole thing started as an exploration of worldbuilding more than anything. I started putting together ideas for a mythos on a mythical world and it inspired some characters to go with the different cultures that arose. The arc of Lyncia was also interesting in exploring gender roles, privilege, and faith. A lot of the story came about based on the challenges that Lyncia would have to face in a world with living gods and strict social requirements.

King Jonath: (Jonath shakes his head and grumbles) Madness. I have been exposed to a mad dream with a pale god-pretender.

Trehbit: Mmm, this more interesting. I seek truth of gods.

Aden: And there is a lot of political play at the start too, adding on. Too much to cover here I’m afraid, so readers, be sure to check out the book! But back on track, the three of you are all connected to the main character, Lyncia Eyresin, in some way. What are your impression of her?

Trehbit: Strange lady, very much so. Eager to act without thought, and little knowing of Nalan in truth. Dead girl more certain than many scholars I have known.

King Jonath: I actually agree with the monk, though I am not sure why he claims such familiarity with my family. Lyncia may be rash, but she has taken well to her training, both with sword and practical studies. I find her continued use of the blade a pointless frivolity, but at least she limits it to the early morning.

Joe: I mean, she is nineteen, and she spent her whole life in the castle and being a princess. You can’t expect her to be super wise or that experienced with anything. She’s a young lady that wants a full life but doesn’t quite know where she wants it to go. I mean, yeah she’s naive, but part of the story is watching her overcome early impressions of the world while also overcoming a lot of difficulties.

King Jonath: You will hold your tongue on further discussions about my daughter.

Joe: O-kay. No problem. I hope.

Aden: Okay. This king is scary. We need to lighten the mood before he stabs us. Trehbit, I know you give nicknames to some of the people you meet on your travels. What would you give for us here?

Trehbit: Nick… name? Hm. I like this expression. I believe you mean title of fondness, yes? To Aden) Talky-man? (At Joe) And… Chin-face.

King Jonath: I would not stab anyone here. I believe a best course of action would be to deliver you to the dungeons at the hands of Dredges.

Trehbit: Oh yes, Ranty-head. 

Aden: I would just like to make sure everyone realize I have said less than Chin-face. Thus, talky-man is not entirely appropriate. Moving on, I’ve asked this question in the previous interview, and it seems I’m lucky enough to have another stoic character to pose the same question again. Can King Jonath be funny? Is he capable of the jokes and tickles?

King Jonath: Is that supposed to be a question I answer with some humorous tale? Do I have the appearance of being your servant? A bard at the great hall table? Ask the monk to amuse you. He seems to find this all very entertaining.

Aden: Well, that’s quite a buzzkill. (mumbles) I should start hiring guards. 

Trehbit: Is very entertaining. Strange dream full of new hints of worlds. But, not so good at jokes. Guard-man has told some, but maybe I do not understand Galanian humor. Not find his jokes so funny. But, Talky-man has point. Hm. Raggy-hair? No. Question man? Perhaps. Not so certain.

Aden: My hair is not ‘raggy’. It is sleek and smooth like a baby’s buttocks. 

Joe: I think the answer to the question is no. Jeesh. Chin-face, really? Really, Trehbit?

Aden: Ah, well, Joe, earlier, you mentioned the ‘arc of Lyncia’. Is that to mean there is more to Nalan, and that there will be other stories featuring other protagonists?

Joe: Yeah, that’s the plan anyway. There’s a two-thousand year timeline of events I want to happen and the Lyncia book is somewhere near the beginning of that timeline. I’ve started looking at Lyncia’s story as more of an introduction to Nalan that additional books will expand upon. Each book actually follows a new friend, the next main character’s called Nuet, so Lyncia won’t be seen much after this one.

Trehbit: Oh, many years. Does dream chin hint at prophetic wisdom? Hm. Don’t think I ate bad meat last night.

King Jonath: I wish I knew more of this infernal place. Where are my weapons? I tire of these casual dismissals of proper belief and truth. I hope this is a dream or you will all suffer until my knowledge of your intent is complete.

Aden: You know, King Jonath, you are a very angry person. Maybe you should try some meditation. Go on a vacation? Have a kit-kat?

Trehbit: (Laughs) Meditation maybe not so helpful for King Rant.

King Jonath: My calm is kept throughout all actions, as much of a weapon as the sword or axe. You pester me, but I will not rise to your prattle.

Joe: Oh good. See, that’s nice. Let’s stay civil. I like that.

Trehbit: Big words not increase meaning. Your words are calm, but vein in head disagree.

Joe: Anyway. Moving on?

Aden: Right. Moving on. We’ve got two questions left, so let’s make it good. Joe, of all the characters in Lyncia, Koyn is perhaps the most mysterious. Perhaps even more so than King Rant here. It seems neither a major antagonist nor an ally, but at the same time, plays a main part. Is there anything you can tell us about his role in the story without spoiling the ending?

Joe: Hmm. So, I don’t think this spoils anything, though feel free to tell me if it does: Koyn is really the trickster of the world of Nalan. It has been messing around with the planet for millions of years and antagonizing the other gods for ages. So, what has happened to Lyncia is yet another scheme the god started and she just happened to get wrapped up in that mess. I’ll also add that the long-term plotline is related to Koyn’s interference.

Trehbit: Oh! You know of Kalshen too? Strange, had not thought this god name had spread so. Odd hearing your voice say name though, sound as though rattling buzzing.

King Jonath: Another god? Who is this Kalshen? I will not stand by as you disgrace Aldyor’s name.

Joe: No one’s disgracing anyone. This is all hypothetical, okay? It’s all a big dream of hypothetical nonsense. Relax.

Aden: Right, hypothetical dream nonsense. You’ll all forget it once you wake up. Probably. I don’t really know how this works. I should check on that. Last question though. What are your thoughts on writing stories, as a whole? Any life experience you have that goes into it and vice-versa?

Joe: Hm. Well…

Trehbit: Oh, stories very important. Holding knowledge very sacred. Stories are lovely way to transfer knowledge with minimal troubles. Much easier learning from story than dry facts.

Joe: Yes. Thank you, Trehbit. Anyway, I guess I have a pretty similar line of thought. I write stories to try and capture ideas. I don’t know if they’re ideas that anyone else wants to read or experience, but they’re the things that interest me.

King Jonath: Stories. Hmph. I have found some to be useful, but they usually hide more than they reveal. I wish that cursed book was not so full of riddles… I must have had too much from that barrel of spirits. Yes. There is no other explanation for such an odd dream. I will have the cook throw out the other barrels from that vine.

Joe: Sure. Sure. Blame your cranky fussiness on spirits. Real original

Aden: Well, with that, we’ve come to the end of this interview! It’s been a pleasure having you here. King Jonath, a little less so. Any last words to the readers?

King Jonath: (King Jonath grits his teeth and his cape whips behind him as he turns) Ridiculous.

Trehbit: Many thanks for pleasant dream. Much to think on!

Joe: Thanks again for the opportunity to interview with you, Aden! It was really fun and I enjoyed the different unique aspects of this form. Apologies for Mr. King’s moodiness, but I really wouldn’t have expected anything else. And, as always, I’m honored by anyone that reads my stories. It’s always a pleasant surprise to have something you create enjoyed by others. I know everyone’s super busy, and it’s just lovely when someone takes the time to read what I’ve written.

(Joe looks a little feminine when he wears a cap. You can make fun of him for that on Twitter @JAWatersAuthor. He also has a website where he shows off his artsiness.)



  1. Another great interview! Might try and squeeze a few chapters of Lyncia into my monthly Jukepop binge this coming weekend. It keeps sounding more and more like my thing! Loving the idea of interviewing the characters again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should really read it. It is a fantastic high fantasy serial. One of the best on JP if I do say so myself, and I do say so. But the chapters are long, personally, compared to other JP stories, but it’s a good bedtime read per chapter.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have decided to add Lyncia to my reading list. At the moment it looks like I will be going through only three serials this weekend – Flocked, Keep Walking and Lyncia. That’s about 99 chapters to catch up on (I have read some of Lyncia and Flocked). Last month I burned through 113 chapters so I think this is do-able. After all, since I am working on a fantasy/high fantasy project myself, I should immerse myself in fantasy fiction with sprawling worlds!

        So there we go – your interview convinced me to bump Lyncia higher on this months list!

        Not only that, I will be posting a mini review of each serial I get through on my blog too. It will be simple, just summarising positive and negative, what worked well and what could have been better. I’m not a professional or anything but since I will be limiting my comments to the last chapter, I thought I could leave some more detailed feedback on the blog as a thank you to the authors for a great story.


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