Blog: The Chronicles of Tearha

This week, The Chronicles of Tearha: The Number 139 went live of JukePop Serials. If In Evening was a work from the mind and 139 Years a work from the heart, The Number 139 would be a work from my soul.

I don’t often talk in-details about my books’ lores, since they sometimes spoil too much. But Tearha is such a large world that it is impossible to spoil much in one post or to cover with one book. It might not even be possible to cover with 10 books.

So let’s talk a little about how Tearha came to be, some lore of the world, and other terms you might run into while reading the book. Tearha started over a decade ago as a place called The World of Dreams. It was the essence of a childhood daydream, a world created from being sent to stand outside of class for hours on end for falling asleep and flipping a table.

Filled with gods and monsters, friends and adventures, I ran around in that endless landscape for hours on end. Somewhere along the line though, it changed. When I was 14, the world of daydreams no longer had me as the protagonist.

It starred a wide cast, each with their own personalities and background. There were countries and kingdoms, histories and lores. It became the foundation for the Tearha now, and that’s where the real story begins.

Birth of the Godslayers

In the beginning of its creation, Tearha was a planet ruled by creatures who were termed gods. They were held in that regard due to their seemingly immortal lifespan and the ability to defy the laws of physics.

Overtime, a war broke out between the gods, leaving the world in devastation. The mortals of that time, made up of elves, drakekins and humans, banded together to end the fighting. The strongest of them were granted powerful weapons and termed as Exseeders.

During the final battle, the Exseeders and gods fought and unleashed so much energy that it tilted the axis of the planet, forever changing the landscape of the world. The mortals won, and the remnants of the gods were banished to the world between dimensions. The World of Dreams. Thus, the legend of the Godslayers were born

Days of Seperation

During the thousands of years that followed, the mortals slowly began to split apart, torn by racial tension and an ever changing world. Because of the tilt of the axis of the planet, the south pole was forever bombarded by the rays of the Twins, the stars, Rykka and Cirus, while the north was kept in an eternal darkness. They were therefore termed The Forzen North and The Burning South.

The mortals continued to split, with a number migrating to the north, never to be heard from again, while some moved to the south and isolated themselves from the rest of the world. The western continent, Ciara, was thus inhabitat mostly by humans. The drakekins sole city, Dragspire, also resided there. Though a small number of wood elves also existed, they were mostly driven into hiding as tension between the Five Kingdoms escalated.

To the east, the landmass known as The Eltars were more diverse in race as elves and humans lived together. But racial tension continued to escalate, with most of the elves forced into slavery as class elves. The elves further split due to beliefs, genetic differences, and culture, into the high elves, wood elves, and dark elves.

Devara, the desolate land of ice, became a refuge for those escaping the racial war. Though only home to a few hardy settlements, they were the only group to live in relative peace throughout the centuries.

Return of the Exseeders and the Present

With the invention of calenders, the introduction of cycles began. Every eight season counted for one year, and every 200 years was one cycle. And it was near the end of the 13th Cycle, in 48 Sear 193, that everything changed.

The gods, after their banishment, ripped their way back into the universe, weakening the walls between the multiverse and allowing for inter-dimension travel to occur. Two individuals from another world stumbled upon lost weapons of the Exseeders and were sent to Tearha.

Along with them, Exseeders from Tearha and other worlds started appearing, waging war with the return of the gods. After half a decade of battle, they managed to defeat the remnants of the gods. But the impact of the war had left its mark.

With the walls between universes weakened, they are left with a new age where inter-dimension travels were not only possible, but a part of their daily lives.



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