Thoughts On: 139 Serials (Part 1)

I’ve been pretty shit at following my Thoughts On blog posts schedule. I guess I just ran out of things to say. I also ran out of time, but that’s because I’m now out looking for a job and doing some odd works here and there. So I think I’ll just compress my afterthoughts on my serials back to a as-and-when thing. Now is a good time I guess, with the new arc of 139 Years just out and In Evening’s arc 2 coming to a close by the end of the month..

Initially, I was hesitant with going with the graduation arc for 139 Years. It just seemed like there could be more interesting scenarios to put Milton through. But I ended up going with it because ultimately, it is a Slice of Life story, and the graduation, at least to me, is an important step in growing up for both parents and child. Of course, 139 Years does have that whole time travel twist to it to keep it fresh. I think the writing has jumped into the point where Milton is comfortable with the idea of his predicament. He has been through 15 years in 4 days and is getting the hang of it now. It would be a nice challenge to unravel that comfort in the arcs to come.

As for our heroes in In Evening, they’re up fighting in that two way battle. Flanked in both reality and dream, stuck in the middle of nowhere with no escape. So I guess this will be their first real engagement with the series antagonists. I’m quite excited to write the next chapter, as we get to see a side of Clay that has only been glimpsed at in the past. His battle with Sin does have its consequences, and I’ve dropped hints of what that might be before. In the next chapters, leading all the way up to the arc finale, I intend to explore the long term effect of Sin fully.

There’s one more story that I’ve been giving attention to. The Number 139, the final serial in the 139 Trilogy. I’ve spent the past few weeks thinking of and planning out the storyline, and am glad to say I have something concrete to go on now. The characters have been developed and I feel they would be the most interesting and challenging protagonists I’ve written to date. There’s also a lot of cameos I intend to put into the story, stuff that will connect the other two 139 serials and some future planned works. All that in due time though.


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