The Project Update Thing

Here’s the update to the 3 projects I’m working on right now.

1: 139: In Evening

Currently halfway done with chapter 12. I’ll be uploading it on JukePopSerials on Friday and might just update my FictionPress side as well to spread the word and get more readers. My current plan is to update mainly on JukePop, and with a format similar to most Taptastic artist, have the FictionPress version run one chapter behind the JukePop version. So, Chapter 12 will be up on JukePop while FictionPress will only have up till Chapter 11. I’m keeping all my stories free because I’m nice like that and people are cheap.

2: The Lucky Ones Short Film

I’m currently working on the script for this short film based on the comic strip by Gavin of Zen Pencils. It’s gonna be my first step back into the film industry after my nearly two years hiatus due to conscription and I’m giving it what I have. There’s a few things I need to do before the filming though. Upgrade my equipment, learn how to do basic special effects makeup, finish that stupid script. More updates as it comes!

3: 139 Years to the End of the World

I present to you, 139 Years to the End of the World! My next serial to be released on JukePop. After the terribly unlucky start with In Evening, I’m hoping YttEotW (I need a short acronym) will get my readership up again. Here’s a little sneak peak into this Sci-Fi/Slipstream/New Adult story!

 “You have less then two weeks to live,” Agent Matthews said without pause, preventing me from replying. “You can’t feel it right now because your nerves are all fucked up, but your body is breaking apart. You have a daughter. She’s fifteen. You’ll never even make it to her wedding at this rate.”

An anger rose up within me. I could not feel heat, but I’m sure I was boiling with it. Gritting my teeth, I replied, “What’s your point?”

 “My point, Mr. Jones, is that you have at best, fifteen days to live. Aside from the ten or so days we’ll take for maintenance and possible emergency situations, we’re giving you a chance to live the remaining five at any time of your choosing in the next one hundred and thirty odd years. Who knows, maybe there’d be a cure in that time. But in any case, you can be there for your daughter’s graduation, her wedding…”

 “Her death?” I cut in.

The agent took a deep breath and sat back up straight. “If you so choose, yes.”

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