The New Story and Reviewing Thing

Aside from my current 139: In Evening, I’m working on a second story to submit onto JukePopSerials. It’ll be a science fiction first person narrative, my second stumble in that specific genre. Hopefully it’ll work out well, given the current status of In Evening being read only by myself. It’ll likely be up next month or in early April, depending on my schedule. I’m hoping to keep the chapter updates to a biweekly thing alongside In Evening, so I need to warm myself into writing gear.

I’m gonna rant awhile here. Whenever I think back on how In Evening got started, I get a little angry. Giving reviews is something that I take pride in, and I often do so seriously and with all honesty. In my early weeks in JukePop, I gave two low star reviews and they were reciprocated by the respective writers, which really dragged my rating down. It was a visible drag too. I had a steady stream of readers and when they reviewed, boom, no more readers. I can’t confidently say the reviewers did it out of spite, but it may be really because I suck.

Whatever the case is, you hardly ever see authors who give high reviews get high reviews back. That’s okay though. When I give good reviews, I’m not expecting anything either. But it does seem like even the writing society has this ‘give and take’ mentality, where they will take the good stuff and only give bad back. It’s like what my mom said to me when I was a kid. Do unto someone something bad, and you’ll get it in return. But do something good with no expectations, for you usually won’t get anything back.

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