Editing Services

I do low-cost, basic proofreading commissions on the side. As this is a part-time endeavour, I only take on a certain amount of words of work every month, so there might be a backlog. But if you require a second pair of eyes to go through a chapter, editorial, or short story, I am your man.

Rates: 20 USD per 500 words block for articles and short stories. For novels, the cost is 20 USD per page.

What to expect: I do not charge for separate proofreading and editing. I do the whole deal. I will give your work at least 2 reads. You will receive the edited work back in 1 week for every 25,000 words. I will be using track changes so you can choose to accept or deny the changes made. I will also be leaving comments throughout the edit, pointing out structural mistakes or suggestions, along with providing a final, roughly 500 words summary of my overall thoughts on your work.

Refusal: I will not take on work that has overwhelming errors within. For example, if every sentence starts without the word being capitalized, or overuse of text abbreviations, or just generally shoddy writing, I will not take on the work. My goal is to make your good, better. Not to turn your bad into good.

Payment: If accepted, payment will be made via PayPal.

If you are interested in my services, you can send a short 100 words preview of your work and request to AdenNgAuthor@gmail.com. If accepted, I will provide further instructions from there.

*Interested serial authors, do state your serialization and schedule.