Sevens Saga


Serial: JukePop Serials – (Hiatus until 2017)

eBook: TBA

Paperback: TBA


Part 1:
Kenji Mitsui lost his home when the armies from Westlay attacked. Escaping to a refugee camp in Aston’s capitol city of Mullen, the boy finds himself in a struggle to rebuild the semblance of a normal life.

However, that hope might not last as his father is pulled into a clandestine conspiracy that threatens the last bastion of peace in a world engulfed by war.

(Absolution is a three-part novel. Part 1 has finished serializing. Part 2 will resume in 2017.)


Serial: JukePop Serials – (Completed)


She could hear the gunshots echoing. The constant Bang! Bang! of the battlefield. A never-ending cymbal crescendo of gunpowder and lead.

Allison Bree wanted to be a flutist. Instead, she found herself within the trenches when the war began. One day, everyone died. At least, until she was given the chance to change the course of history, forever.

Forced to relive the last hour that lead up to their impending doom over and over again, she must find a way to stop an insurmountable attack, while fighting a war that lasts just an hour too long.