Book Reviews

Sometimes, I get the urge (or request) to review books. When I do, here they are. If you wish for me to review your book, send me a query through my contact page.

I score using a 100 points system, looking at 5 different parts of a story with 20 points assigned to each part. For everything positive I add 1 point and negatives removes 1 point. I understand that it is much easier to notice bad things than good, since doing well in writing means the work is fluid to the point where you don’t notice (a.k.a: page turner), so I make a focus to start off each story at 15 points for each part.

Background and Lores: I look at the world the story takes place in with regard to the genre(s) the book is written for. Fresh ideas, detailed world building, or interesting takes on a fictional trope grants points. If the world breaks my ability to suspend disbelief I take away points.

Plot: Strong overarching plots that are uncluttered gets points. As do unforeseeable twists and good build-ups. Deus ex machinas gets flushed alongside blatant cliches. Ability to standalone in a book series is greatly welcomed. Humour gets to me, every single time. Love wit.

Characters: Diversity in respect to situation will be duly rewarded. In a story about lizardpeople uprising, I do not expect the main cast to be straight white men and a token Asian. Aside form that, the usual personality, realism, consistency, and growth still applies.

Flow and Pacing: How long is the book capable of keeping me glued? If I put down the book and don’t feel like picking it back up again, that’s a major drawback. Are there any major mistakes in proof that makes breaks my reading flow? For major publishers’ books, I’ll deduct 1 point per flow break. Minor publishers gets an easier time with 1 point per 10, and indies get 1 point per 20.

Themes: Did the book make me think? Does it make me want to go out and be heroic, or question the greyness of morality? If it doesn’t, something’s wrong. If I learn nothing or am reinforced nothing, then the story drivelled on without points, literally.