Happy Goodbye 2016

In a decade of progress and slow but steady change to better mankind, 2016 is, without a doubt, the worst year we’ve had so far for the 2010s. And as with the trend with global warming, it seems it will only get worse. I was going to write something a little more upbeat about the importance of art, but honestly, I don’t think we deserve that after what we’ve done.

Look, there’s no getting around it. 2016 has been terrible. My hope for the new year is: “No more terrorist attacks, mass shootings, trash telly, riots, economic collapses, borderline mental retardation voting decisions, and not have Trump press the big red button.”

In 2015, I wished for a hoverboard.

Bees and butterflies are approaching extinctions, and with them, the delicate balance of the ecosystem. There’s a good chance we’re about to lose the Paris Climate Agreement and about oh, 10,000 or so of the Earth’s habitable lifespan with it. NASA is still not getting funded. Many notable cultural icons have died, both early and naturally. More than 11,000 innocent civilians were killed by Islamic terrorists. Even Zootopia and Final Fantasy XV can’t balance out all those atrocities. And-


You know what?

Fuck this.

I’m tired of trying to provide factual resources and common sense logic. I’m not even going to link to any resources this time. Because, why the fuck should I? There’s obviously no point to it. I’m not going to talk about this in a roundabout way, “implying” that it was our fault. It’s the last day of the year, and I’m going to say what’s really on my mind.

We fucked up the world. We fucked up. Me, for being unable to properly convey where the fuck we went wrong. But mostly you. The assholes who think that man-made global warming is a hoax against every single peer-reviewed scientific study since 1896.

Basically, all the crazy extremists from the right and the left. Yeah, that’s right. The left. The extreme feminists who thinks equality means rewriting freedom of speech and expression. Who thinks if you change the skirt you can change the mindset. The nut job liberals who thinks eating meat means you’re the scum of the earth and should not be allowed to procreate. The touchy teenage adults that thinks saying “blacks” is reprehensibly racist when compared to “people of colour”. The insane partisan nutcases from both sides who refuses to compromise based on beliefs instead of facts, knowledge and common sense. The anti-racists committing race crimes.

What about the far right basket cases who thinks that the only way to make their country of immigrants and multiple ethnicity better is to get rid of every other race other than the majority? The same people who thinks Christmas is under attack from “others” even though almost every single one of their favourite traditions came from “others”. The ones who thinks the only way to do good is to spread their religion to the world. The ones who refuses to make cake for gays because it hurts their feelings but calls everyone else pussies for not manning up to gunshot wounds. And everyone’s general inability to sit down and talk!

What else am I suppose to say? What the fuck am I suppose to say? What can I say that other smarter, more famous, more qualified, and all around better people than me have not already said?

There are so many things we can collectively do that only requires everyone to chip in a minuscule part of their lives. I can explain that food wastage is directly contributing to climate change to my own family members and they would say there’s nothing they can do. Yet, they always order more food than they require, or refuse to eat food they don’t like. My younger sibling literally took the “bun” out of a meat bun, just to eat the meat and throw the bun away. And yet, when I say food wastage is contributing to climate change, “There’s nothing I can do!”

So many little things we could do. Stop buying food we can’t eat; save the world. Lower beef consumption; save the world. Walk or cycle short distances; save the world. Electric vehicles; save the world. Gun safety laws; save the world. Lower needless body care products; save the world. Provide education; save the world. Be politically involved; save the world. Don’t litter; save the world. Reuse bags; save the world. Fucking boil your own water; save the world. Be nice; save the world.

Is this what we do now? We can’t even boil our own water to protect the environment of every single living thing we have ever known of in the history of the universe? Are we so lazy and self-centred that we can’t boil out own water?

In Singapore, we have wealthy economists and “financial experts” who earns more than my family combined, blogging about how to make more money from terrible day jobs and eventually being your own boss, or some other bullshit along that line. Basically, self help advice for the poor from people who had wealth advantages or incredible luck. Advice such as “ask for more” or “educate yourself”. This is retarded. Asking for more? The people who need to ask for more usually have jobs where they are easily replaceable. Asking for more is the equivalent of asking to be fired. And because of their low pay, they can’t educate themselves.

These kind of broken cycles, where people try to tackle issues with the cheap and victim blaming solutions to massive societal, financial, governing and market failures is everywhere.

Guns killing people? More guns!
Lost your job? Work harder!
Mental illness from extreme trauma? Stop being a pussy!
Veterans without money? Thanks, but no thanks.
Mass conscription? It’s a good learning experience.
Media blackout? Protect your decency.
Racism? No, we just belong here.
Indigenous lands being threatened? We should share.
LGBT? Heathens!
Not enough money for medical bill? Stop being weak.
Can’t afford education? Stop being poor.
Can’t afford a home? Get a job.
Paid less than opposite sex? Just don’t give birth.

What the flying spaghetti fuck is wrong with us? We’re so healthy but we can’t pay for healthcare? We’re so smart but we’re afraid of education? We’re so wealthy but we can’t help the poor? Religions of peace are organising death squads and promoting white supremacy? People who wants money out of politics electing a greedy businessman? People who wants more jobs leaving the union that created more than 3 million jobs for them?

Just look at the cluster fuck of America’s election and Brexit. No. Seriously. What the fuck? Any sane person with a single iota of intelligence would vomit at reading any of the babbles hardcore Brexit and Trump supporters wrote. They threw out buzzwords without real meanings like kids being fed ice cream from a truck labelled “SEX OFFENDING IN PROGRESS”. They scream “COMMIE!” in your face and expect you to understand why they deserve more than you. Do I understand where their anger is coming from? Of, bloody, course. Do I get their logic and reasoning behind who and what they supported? Fuck, no! It makes not sense. 2016 will forever hold the crowning achievement for “dumbest moment in human history” in my book.

So many dumb legislative roadblocks and fear of change and progress around the world. Things that are obviously no longer working are being kept because the other options aren’t “perfect”. That’s it, basically. We don’t do anything because the solution doesn’t fix everything. It only fixes some things and that’s not enough.

“Sure, our current economic strategies are helps only 10% of the population, but your solution only helps 80%, and if we’re not going to get 100%, why try at all?”

So, yeah. That’s it.

Fuck 2016. Cause we all know 2017 isn’t going to be any better. You know what? Let’s get a head start and fuck 2017 as well. Fuck Trump. Fuck Brexit. And also, a special fuck to Minister Shanmugam of Singapore for all the stupid, borderline retarded, and factless things he has said during this year that I never got around to covering. Fuck me. That’s right. Fuck me. Because I’m obviously not doing enough to reduce the overflowing amount of stupid in this world. Fuck Trump! Fuck the DNC! Fuck Farage! Fuck Johnson! Fuck ISIS! Fuck Boko Haram! Fuck Shanmugam! Fuck me! Fuck you! Fuck everybody! Good. FUCKING. NIGHT!


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