The Chronicles of Tearha: Deck of Clover

Announcement, announcement! Hear ye, hear ye!

Okay, okay. No more repeating phrase……no more. Right, that was the last one. I promise. With that, I’m very happy to announce that come October, we will have the next major novel for The Tearha Chronicles. Introducing, with the nice image there in the header being a big spoiler:


It’s starting to occur to me that there’s a recurring theme with my 2016 releases. Deck of Clover (DoC) will be a YA/military fiction focusing on preventing coming wars, taking place in Ciara, the mix fantasy continent of the overall Tearha world. And here, we have the official summary!

The spellblades are some of the most powerful magic users on Tearha, combining magic with weapons in manners unseen. And where does one go to perfect these techniques? The Spellblade Academy of Aleynonlia, where future Guardblades for the king will be handpicked from its graduates.
Class C, the first of its batch with oddity in fighters are going through their years in the academy as per normal. That is until they are given the final epitaphs predicted by the final Overseer of Everwind.
As they attempt to solve the mystery of their titles, they are dragged into an inter-continent conspiracy, threatening the hard earned peace with a seemingly unstoppable threat looming over the horizon. 

And there we have it folks! The next Tearha story will be out at JukePop Serials on October 3rd, 2016. See you in class!


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