The Price of Ad Blockers (Source page)

(Note from author: I am done, everybody. This was supposed to be up in May after working on it sporadically through April. It was supposed to be a short, less than 1.5k word piece that I put up as part of my weekly quota.

But, fucking hell, did it drag on. 2 months! I’ve debated everywhere! Forums, social media, IRL, over the phone, under the flats. Everywhere! I’ve read so much, done so much research on this topic, I’ve misplaced links to half of the source articles I’ve found! 

You are all free to comment, as per normal. And I will try to reply where I can. But know this, if you start a debate, I WILL NOT enter the fray. I am sick of this topic. Some things should be easy. Some good should not require a 4,500 words article to explain!

What I’ve written here are my entire view on the subject. Unless you are willing to source out enough information to override next to all my points, there is nothing you say that can sway me. You need to show me why ad blockers does more good than harm. You need to proof to me your point, not argue them.

So yeah, my readers, know that I love you. But my cosmic shit, do I fucking hate humanity sometimes.)

Online source links that I have left. I just copy and pasted everything. Formatting? Screw it.

How Ad Revenue Works on YouTube (1 & 2), by Gray Gannaway
(Part 2 is the original article that lead me to take a closer look at the ToS.)

How Youtube Ad Revenue Works

YouTube Partner and advertiser pages

Chasing Their Star, on YouTube, by Leslie Kaufman
(Work hour source)

It’s not TV, it’s the Web, by Tim Carmody
(YouTube 55% source)

YouTube Embraces Pre-Roll Video Ads (Updated), by Eliot Van Buskirk
(Buskirk. Haha)

Annoying Ads Will Not Solve YouTube’s Problems, by Betsy Schiffman

History of Monetization at YouTube
(History source)

YouTube Launches Revenue Sharing Partners Program, but no Pre-Rolls, by John Biggs
(Pre-roll source)

YouTube Advertising for Retailers, by Tara Johnson
(Possible ad mechanic)

Which YouTube Ad Type is Right for You?, by Matt Coleman
(More possible ad mechanic)

Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are paying Adblock Plus huge fees to get their ads unblocked, by Lara O’Reilly
(Original artical by FT. Needs subscription)

PewDiePie on YouTube Red: ‘Adblock Has Actual Consequences’, by Brandy Shaul
(Still don’t like Pewd, but he’s a smart cookie)

ABP source codes

AdBlock source codes

YouTube ToS

15 Common Mistakes that Violate Google Adsense TOS, by P. Chandra

Google Saved An Estimated $887 Million By Paying Adblock Plus To Show Its Ads, by Laura Stampler
(YouTube lost revenue)

Do Not Track’s future in doubt as major ad group withdraws from talks, by Nathan Ingraham
(Header trackers. Not really relevant)

Adblock Plus opens up about how ‘acceptable ads’ work, by Alex Hern
(ABP on how its accceptable ads programme works)

Why Adblock is bad for the “free” Internet, by “Andrew”
(Old anti ad block article)

Adblock extension with 40 million users sells to mystery buyer, refuses to name new owner, by Owen Williams
(AdBlock mystery buyer controversy)

Why You Probably Won’t Get Rich & Famous on YouTube, by Michael Johnston

The 2015 Ad Blocking Report, by The PageFair Team
(PageFair report on ad blocking revenue loss)

More articles on Ad blockers, content creator’s life, and others.

View story at

Some articles from the other side, mostly by, and this is true, websites with tons of intrusive ads. Oh, the hilarious hypocrisy.



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