Outline for 2016!

Hello everybody! There are only two logical reasons why you would be reading this page of my website. Bribery, or blackmail. But if by some stroke of luck (or just a stroke), you find my writing – either my fiction or blog entries – to be something you enjoy or find helpful, and you want to find out what are my major plans for 2016, you’ve come to the right place.

Lets! Get! To! It!

March – June: 139 Trilogy

The 139 Trilogy, made up of ‘139: In Evening’‘139 Years to the End of the World’, and ‘The Chronicles of Tearha: The Number 139’, is coming to an end at what I predict to be this coming April 2016.

However, it’s not all over yet.

In Evening will begin ‘re-serializing’ on Wattpad this coming April, followed by 139 Years to the End of the World in May! Note that this is not the book release version of the two stories, but the same chapters featured on JukePop Serials.

In May, In Evening‘s 2nd edition will be released for sale on Amazon, Smashwords, Createspace, and other self-publishing outlets. It will feature further edits and a new illustrated 139 Trilogy variant cover art!

Next in June, we’ll have 139 Years to the End of the World fully self-published, with the short story, Leah’s Diary, as the published and Patreon exclusive tale.

May – September: Welcome Home

Once The Number 139 finishes serializing, I will be starting on a novel/novella titled ‘A Long Way to Welcome Home. I’ve yet to decide whether to self publish this or try to send it in to a traditional publisher. If I do self publish it, I would likely also serialize it on JukePop.

Regardless of the decision for Welcome Home, I will be serializing something during the May period. If Welcome Home is to be published traditionally, I will serialize part one of the Seven’s Saga, the story of the Endless War touched on during the final chapters of The Number 139.

Again, like with all my other serials, this series will be standalone, and there’s no need to read Tearha or the 139 Trilogy to catch up to it.

October – 2017: Tearha & Story Voting

A new Tearha story will begin serializing in October. Currently, there are four stories in what I would call ‘Phase 1’ of the Tearha Series, and readers will be able to vote for which of them will be the next to be published!

To do so, simply head over to Patreon. As promised there, voting is only allowed for donors of $1 and above. Even though I do not have that many Patrons at the time of this typing, I will keep to my word and only allow Patrons to vote. Once donations are through, you will be given the link to the polling page through weekly updates!

Polling will last till the end of July!


2016: Blog

I will of course, continue to write my blog. Opinions will be opined and opinionated, my mental stability will continued to be questioned, and all the partial experience I have in writing shall be shared.

A segment I write, the Authors Interview segment, is something I would like to do more of. But doing them requires time to read extensively, which I don’t have much of. However, I’m willing to keep going on that, and maybe make it a bi-monthly schedule to keep.

The Screaming at a Wall series of rants will also be getting more personal. As I grow as both a writer and a person, I find myself more capable of expression without ill intent. I plan to further practice this, and hopefully, will lead to decent pending futures, presenting more facts in a way that is both engaging and helpful.

December: Tearha Short

By this point, I hope that I would have completed the first round of edits for The Number 139 and can prime it to be published in 2017. I’ll also likely have finish writing the short story that goes with the story, so, do look forward to that either on Patreon or on sales date.

June – ∞: Tri-Monthly Shorts

I would like to try to set myself on a Tri-Monthly schedule starting in June to write one short story every quarter a year. These will only be available to Patreon donors, as a symbol of thanks for continued support, though excerpts will be shown on my blog. If you like them in the future, do consider supporting my writing through Patreon!

And with that, we have come to the end of the announcement. Do leave feedbacks on this if you have any, and let me know in the comments if you have strong opinions about Welcome Home being serialized or self-published.

See you in the year!


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