Thoughts On: 139 Serials (Part 2)

Like a lot of writers, I like to listen to music when I do my craft. I even have a personal YouTube playlist full of songs I can get inspired by just so that I can listen on the go, as and when I decide to write. You know, as long as there’s an internet connection that is. So for the dream scenes of In Evening, I like to listen to the Goo Goo Dolls. Yeah, I said it. I listen to music by a band which name is a combination of the first words a baby says and little girls’ toy. But hey, their music is great for dream scenes. Very surreal.

I had some trouble with writing the latest chapter for 139 Years, which, even though is no excuse, is the reason why I was a little late with the publishing. It’s hard to explain but sometimes, the music just doesn’t fit. I was stuck on the first page for awhile until I just decided to heck it and go mute. Turns out, silence is kinda inspiring as well, which was the tune I wrote chapter 19 of Years to.

Looks like for now though, I’ve entered the ‘character development’ phase for both serials. It’s where I feel the turning point is coming for both our main characters, Milton Jones and Timothy Kleve. This is where the change from ‘character’ to ‘hero’ begins. I like to write my characters as nearly perfect from the start. Tim is a resourceful, independent boy, and Milton is a stable, witted, and smart adult. But through the story, I don’t just want them to be unbeatable. Like real humans, they need to take falls, scrap their knees a little before they succeed. In the coming chapters, I’m going to show that.


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