Shooting BD

Here’s the thing. I want to make a short film on bipolar disorder. But it’s not easy making a film. Especially one of good quality, script, and good everything else. I’m currently taking a gap year, maybe a gap half-year, depending on how long I can sit still, so what I have is time. What I don’t have, is help. I need a crew to shoot this film. 

Basically, I started doing what I call one man films three years ago. Which means that as one person, I will took it upon myself to learn all aspects of film production to a degree, allowing me to fit in any role on set. Producing, directing, editing, camera, audio, settings, acting, you name it, and I have done it at least once. 

The problem with this set up is that if, for example, I were to be in the position of actor. I would be unable to hold the camera, making every scene a still shot unless specially shot and edited in post production. In short, the quality of the film will degrade on the amount of types of shots I can do. 

Which is why a crew is important. For every person on set, that’s one more thing I’m able to do. If there was a cameraman, I can act and direct without worrying of the lack of camera angles. If there was an actor, I can focus on directing. If there was a producer, I won’t have to worry about all the logistics in prep. 

I’m trying to find a crew, willing to work at this as pro bono or a hobby basis, but it’s not that great, given that most people in Singapore needs money, as our country is ridiculously expensive to live in. I’ll keep trying, but I would like to make a request out here on my blog for any Singaporean readers I may have who are in the film circle, either student or experienced, or interested in learning, to contact me, if they are keen to help in a no-to-low budget, good quality, short film. Pure passion shoot. Contact me. Email at Or tweet me @aden_ng. 


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