The Job Thing

So I’ve got a job. At a film production house. Yay? I guess that’s great. I mean, I’ve been looking for one for some time now, but to actually coming to one is making my heart all beat fast and shit. Like going on a first date. Well, I wouldn’t know what that feels like since I’ve never been on a date, but I’m guessing it’s similar. The question now though, is after my breakdown last year, can I handle it?

Or more like, how do I handle it? There’s not exactly a rulebook on how to get back to work after having a mental breakdown, is there? I guess the only thing to do is to go for it. I’ve done some independent production before, and even by myself, they were stressful enough to pull hair. Sure, I’m just interning at a production house right now, but production houses in Singapore aren’t the same as the ones overseas. Where overseas their work ethnics are pretty lose, us here are quite harsh.

That’s probably because of our Asian heritage. We’re quite a stressed race you see. I’m telling you Chinese in Asia are the most stressful people I’ve ever met in my life! I went to a massage once, and I was so stress that the massage was stressful. No joke. I can’t wait to leave my country and head west. They say the grass is greener on the other side, but from what I see, it is pretty green for low level workers. Singapore is good for bosses, because the workers are stressed from hard work, doing all the jobs. Higher ups needn’t worry about anything. While western civilization has more of an equality view on work, with fair wages and, dare I say it? Half-days.

We’ll see if I can handle the workload when I go into the office tomorrow. Of course, I’m worried that this will affect my writing as well. The job interview yesterday had already delayed the chapter release for In Evening to today instead of the planned date yesterday. I just hope I have some room for writing once production goes into full swing.


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