Thoughts On: In Evening Chapter 24 & 139 Years Chapter 12

I will admit I forgot to do a ‘Thoughts On’ last week because I was too busy playing video games. But hey, it says up there in my tag line that I’m a gamer so I’ll just chalk that up as research for a future post as an excuse. Anyway, I released Years 12 last week and In Evening 24 just a few minutes ago. Let’s talk about that!

We’ll start with Years 12, cause I freaking love that chapter personally. It’s a growth chapter to show that despite Milton’s personality, he is a grown-up with a clear idea of the cost and consequences of his actions in freezing his body. It also throws back on some of Joan’s personality and actions from previous chapters. The entire Life Goes On arc will only be three chapters long, with the next chapter being the finale, and yet, I feel like I could do the most exploration into some of the characters I’ve yet to expand upon. I’ll be focusing on G and the good doctor in the next chapter, so stay tune for that.

As for In Evening 24, I had originally planned it to be two chapters long instead, with the dream and real world portion separated. But I felt that having two exposition chapters in a row would just bore the readers to death and decided to spew out an extra 700 words more than normal to combine them into something much more thrilling. The fact that Joseph returns as a crazy person I feel sends a good shocker reminder of just how much effect Sin has on its victims and the insanity that is slowly engulfing the world off-screen. Since the story had always focused on our heroic trios’ adventures, I hadn’t been able to show the ramification of Sin on the general populace as much. Just a heads up though, that is all about to change in the coming chapters.



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