Thoughts On: 139 Years, Chapter 11

I guess there’s a limit to what you do in a chapter. With 139 Years, Chapter 11, I was hoping to get further with the story of Doctor Parker. But I felt like I was dragging things out too much already. So far, I’ve gone with the plan of focusing on one central character per chapter, but felt like for Parker’s story to develop better, had to start of him.

Even with that, though, I felt like I did him justice in the short time he was on. I still have 2 more chapters in Life Goes On to flesh out his tale, so I’ll hold on to that. Most of my chapters are affected by what’s happening in my life at the moment of writing, and Life Goes On is no exception. This arc was originally scrapped in favor of a longer, more complex plot line down the path.

But as with the arc, my blog’s readership had dipped since I’ve not talked about my bipolar disorder in some time. I realized most of my readers come for the grim tales of death and hardship of life with mental illness, but like Milton Jones, just because my life is dark and gloomy, life around us still goes on. I’m determined to show that in this arc that we must leave the comforts of life behind, or embrace new things to be able to continue living happy, fruitful lives. That said though, there will be a topic about mental illness on here, maybe tomorrow, since I have a appointment with my psychiatrist then. More updates to come!


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