Thoughts On: In Evening, Chapter 22

I hate Benjamin Franklin. That’s my frank feelings on that guy. And it really pisses me that I used a quote attributed to him in Chapter 21. He’s the guy that made Tesla die poor, alone, and shattered. And I feel that the man is responsible for the late bloom in AC electric distribution and the indirectly responsible for the current slow pace of electric motors. But sometimes, the quote just fit. But to tell you the truth, the quote from Chapter 21 is my least favorite. I just wanted to get that of my chest.

As for Chapter 22 of In Evening, there’s not much to it that’s out of the ordinary. It’s a pretty standard action chapter in my opinion. There’s this thing with the genre for In Evening that kept popping up while writing though. Rightfully, I guess In Evening settles in nicely in the a thriller/horror position, but the fact that the suspense factor of In Evening is comparatively less than most thriller stories made me think if I should reclassify it as adventure.

Like how in the previous chapter it’s just a whole lot of talking and this chapter we get a good amount of WHAM-BAM-POW action. It’s really just my writing style. I don’t believe that in a time of crisis, people would be so completely engulfed in the action that they can’t settle for a short meal and gather their thoughts and plan their next meal. Maybe that’s just me though.

One of my favorite novels of all time, Velocity by Dean Koontz is a pretty high action thriller. But the most memorable and my favorite chapter has to be the one where the protagonist stops by his friend, Ivy Elgin (I fucking love that girl) and had a nice, normal chat. It just makes the world slow down and the reader can take in all that’s happened without having their heart pumping and the story flashing by in a blur. I took a lot out of Velocity, and perhaps, my writing style has been strongly influenced by that one scene. That’s what a good book does to a person I guess.


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