Thoughts On: 139 Years, Chapter 10

This chapter was long, I’ll give myself that. There’s a few things about this chapter that made it one of those, ‘Maybe it’s good but maybe it’s crap’ kind of chapter. You know how when you see a movie poster that’s full of flashy images but you get all confused about its quality cause you’re not sure if it is ‘up to par’ since it’s so chaotic? This is one of those chapter.

Again, I really enjoyed writing Leah. She’s one of my favourite characters to write right now. But I felt I tried to rush this chapter too much. I had these grand plans for her to reveal her background and stuff, but I seemed to have ended up just spewing everything out randomly. I still like it relatively, there’s a flow to this chapter. Not a great one, I’ll admit. Definitely something I want to touch up on once the serial is done and I go eBook.

I think from now on, I’ll try to leave the ‘Thought On’ post at 3 paragraphs, less I run out of things to say and entertain. Right now, Chapter 10 for 139 Years is out at JukePopSerials, go read it if you want. Its a pretty lengthy exposition chapter, I will admit, though it would have been longer. I guess I tried to speed things up, seeing I had well and gone past my average word limit, but may have ended up just cramming lots of things together. Oh well, live and learn people, live and learn.


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