Thoughts On: In Evening, Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Secrets, for 139: In Evening just went live on JukePopSerials. I have mixed feelings about this chapter. The start is slow, and the climax isn’t particularly shattering. It is, in all sense, an exposition chapter, to catch up on the plot with lots of talking and very little action. I guess that’s the problem with In Evening. There’s a lot to cover in a short amount of time.

There’s also the fact that I have lost quite a bit of drive with this one. Truth is, my readers for In Evening had not gone past the prologue for the past two months now. Though I’ve had a steady stream of about 100 views a month, none of them turned into lasting readers. Admittedly, it’s a really saddening situation for me and it has affected my storytelling ability quite some.

Not to worry, I’m still motivated enough to finish In Evening. Once I’m done, I plan to have a complete make over for the thing, before trying for an eBook publication. For this chapter though, I wasn’t very motivated to write, to be honest. It was really hard to get anything going, and it was not only until the final page that I managed to find the momentum to do a good burn.

A week back, I wanted to hire a professional editor to go through all my stuff as well, but I’m too dirt poor to afford anything aside from the food needed to survive day-to-day. Hopefully, once I finish my conscription, I would be able to find a decent paying job, hire an editor, and increase the quality for In Evening.


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