Thoughts on 139

It’s been almost a year since I started writing on JukePop with In Evening. It came out June 17th if I remember correctly. 139 started with In Evening. It’s really the starting stone of the serials I’ve been writing. I don’t know exactly when but one day, I had the thought that it would end in a trilogy. Yes, I have another 139 planned, and the end of In Evening will connect 139: In Evening139 Years to the End of the World and the tentatively (but possibly permanently) titled, The Number 139, a fantasy-adventure set in a Middle Earth typed world. Aside from the 139 series, I actually have three main fictional universes which I’ve created. The 139 Universe, which I’m writing now, the Sevens Universe that I intend to write and publish as a book in the future, and my personal New Terra Universe, which I don’t have any plans for right now. Aside for The Number 139 that is. See, 139 Years had always been a way to connect the Sevens timeline with the 139 timeline. And 139 Numbers is currently planned to connect the 139 Universe with New Terra. Really complex, I know, especially seeing how most people won’t even read the things I wrote, but humor me for now as I basically write to myself.


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