I Dream of Bill, Bill, Neil and Steve

I’m guessing my mania is in the high gear this week since I’ve got dozens of thoughts running about my head. Most of them are just annoying chatter but there are a few gems in there I’d like to share.

Last night, I had the most fun in a dream I’ve had in ages. I was having lunch with Bill Gates, Bill Nye and Steve Jobs. It was the nerdiest, geekiest, most techie conversation I’ve ever had the joy of not remembering. We were talking about design, engineering, technology, science, games, and anything geek under the sun.

Then Jobs said Gates, “I wished I had a chance to get into philanthropy like you Bill.”

Nye replied sarcastically, “I wished I was philanthropic like me too.”

And I asked Gates, “It’s great what you’re doing, but what do you hope to accomplish anyway?”

To which he replied, “Just trying to decrease the poverty levels.”

Nye joked, “We should dig a giant underground city for them!”

Looking back, I’m starting to think Nye was kinda terrible with the jokes during the whole conversation. It might be because I saw this before I went to bed:

I love Bill Nye (in the most heterosexual way), and he’s probably not that kind of guy in real life. Probably. Maybe. Don’t quote me on that.

Anyway, Jobs proceeded to give a presentation, complete with a sudden powerpoint slide about how instead of reducing poverty levels, we should try to increase wealth of the world as a whole (I must say, it’s hard to get bored listening to him talk. Have you seen that turtleneck? Rocking it!). Instead of trying to raise the living conditions in certain cities quickly for the lucky few, we should raise them everywhere, at the same time, slowly, bit by decades bit. That way, instead of increasing the gap between the rich and the poor, the gap will stay the same, but wealth in total will increase.

And, to quote Dream Jobs’s own words, “We have to be realistic. One day, people who live in apartments will be considered impoverished, the lower income will live in condominiums, the middle income will live in mansions, and the rich people will live in flying bungalows with hover boards! Everybody wins!”

Then, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who suddenly appeared sitting beside Nye for no reason, as such things are in dreams, said, “So we should all science more right?” and everybody nodded in agreement. We should definitely science more.

Sadly I woke up after that.

My point is, I want a hover board. I want it now.


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