I Get Distracted by Things

Yeah, as the title says, that happens a lot. I was writing Chapter 3 for 139: Years (which will be out Friday, hint* hint* nudge* nudge*) and I was overcame with a question.

“How does overcrowding happen?”

Because of rapidly expanding population of course! So why did Singapore’s overcrowding came about? Foreign Talent (FTs) influx of course! And I did something really stupid. I made a mind map/correlation chart on how FTs in Singapore is inter-connected to every other major issues in Singapore that has plagued our news for the past few months. Not saying that FTs are the main problem. I’m just saying that all the problems depends on each other. Oh, you want to see what made me waste an hour of my life? Here you go!

SG Chart

Yeah, it’s kind of small, I know. And you can’t really see anything. Just go click on it. Click on it an BATH IN THE MINDFUCK THAT IS SINGAPORE! BATH AND BE AMAZE! MUAHAHAHAHAH! HAH HAH! HAH! HA-cough* cough*. Urgh, sorry bout that. I get a little uh…emotional sometimes. Yeah, let’s go with emotional.

It’s not really supported facts or anything, just some logical deduction and correlation. There’s probably a few things wrong with it, feel free to tell (read: scream) at me.

The red colored stuff are just markings for things that our ‘beloved’ PAP ran government have direct of secondary indirect control of. The black arrows are cause and effect. You can see that at some point I just quit caring about making the thing neat (around where I added ‘Big Company Advantage) cause I ran out of space.

And the whole medical care thing, I’m not that well read into that so I’ve probably made some mistakes. Which is odd that I know so little, considering my BD circumstance.

Anyways, random post over!



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