The Thing Where I Make Plugs

So I’ve just uploaded Chapter 13 of 139: In Evening on JukePopSerials and it’s good to go now. Aside from that, I guess most people don’t know I also have a wiki page for In Evening. It’s on a little wikia forum called WriteNow, and that place is pretty neat. It’s just a small group of writers there now, sharing words, trading barbing reviews and feedback, but it’s a pretty cool place to just kickback and look back for writers.

Even if you’re not a writer and am just a reader, you can skim through some of the pages of stories there which include links to the stories’ published pages. Stories like JukePopSerial favorites, Hobson and Choi, Radio Silence, Nerd World and Metal Shadow (really, let’s face it, I’m the only one there who’s bad :P). There are the community published stories as well. Like waZelda’s The Super Police and A River of Godsblood. It’s a nice place for writers to chat really. I mean, their forums are called The Writer’s Lounge for god sake.

Oh yeah, also not uploading 139 Years to the End of the World just yet until I get a decent cover page done. Really, after what happened with In Evening’s original, shitty cover page, I’m learning from my mistakes.

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