The Combined Bipolar-Project Post Thing

I got a small number of new followers after that last post on Bipolar. It’s quite touching for me since it says that my attempts to reach out to others in similar situations are succeeding, even if just  a little. I try to keep my post about a week apart since if I were to do a post every day, I’d very quickly run out of quality words. But sometimes though, I just have too much to say and I’ll combine them all into one like right now. First, I want to update the progress on my stories and my one film project before I talk a little more about BD.

Project Updates

1: 139: In Evening

I’ve just started work on the next chapter that’s to be published on Friday. Currently still drafting out the chapter outline which will be quite complex as there’s a lot of plot point I intend to move forward with it. Bare with me if the thing comes up a day late.

2: The Lucky Ones

Finished the script and production notes and sent them out to my talents. Still need to learn how to do aging make-up effect and possibly find a place to rent a wedding dress for cheap. It’s all going well though. All according to plan. Kinda worrying actually.

3: 139 Years to the End of the World

I’ve finished proofreading the Prologue so that’s good to go. But I don’t have a proper book cover yet so I’m gonna have to delay the publication date until I’m done. By the way, the book cover for In Evening was staged, shot, edited and designed by myself, and I intend to do the same for 139 Y.E.W (That’s the official acronym now).

In Evening Cover 2

Good news though, I’ve already started on Chapter One so I can expect Prologue up till Chapter Two to be published just a week apart before I regain my biweekly schedule.

Bipolar Disorder, Mania Fatigue

That’s a unique term up there that’s quite common around the BD circle. Mania Fatigue. Bipolar Disorder, for those who are unfamiliar with it, consists of the switching of moods in a spectrum. From depressed to mania. Mania basically is a period where one experience an abnormally ‘high’ mood. It’s like the opposite of depression. You get things like boundless energy, racing thoughts and general ‘highness’, among others. I’m not going to go too deep into that today since it’s actually quite a lot more complicated than it sounds, but that above is about the basic.

Mania Fatigue is what happens when the mania wears off or have been going on for a long time (like what I’m experiencing now, which is why I decided to write this). It might sound awesome to have boundless energy and lightning fast thinking, but it actually puts a lot of strain on the body. You have trouble sleeping and you’re constantly, physically pushing it. After awhile, or when the mood wears off, you get tired. Simply put it, Mania Fatigue.

This can get hard to deal with in everyday life where you can’t always take that extra morning to sleep in or stay at home to rest. The world doesn’t stop moving because you’re having a mania hungover. For people who never experienced this before, from their eyes, the person in fatigue might seem grumpy and even a bit of a douche. But please understand that the person suffering from the fatigue is likely having splitting headache, nausea, muscle aches, lack of appetite, tiredness, and general all-round ‘I want to fucking punch the next thing that talks in a voice above 60* decibel’-ness.

*Average decibel of human voice from 1 meter.

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