The New Blog Thing

There’s a lot of things I want to do and too little time to do them. Lots of thoughts run through my head with very little exits to head to. So I started this wordpress thing. My name is Aden Ng, the writer for 139: In Evening at JukePopSerials. To say I’m a successful writer would be a gross overstatement. In fact, I have so little readers I’m practically writing for myself! Hah! I do videos too, if people are interested. Not that you should be. They’re really pretty raw and on par with any other beginner level stuff you see out there. But I do like making them, and writing as well.

I’m currently doing National Service, Singapore’s compulsory 2 years military conscription, so my schedule isn’t as open as I’d like it to be. I write when I can and have stopped filming for this duration. As of writing this, I have about 5 more months to go before I’m done with my 2 years, so that’s some good news I guess.

There’s also this thing about my bipolar disorder (BD), as you might have read from the header of this blog. I’m gonna talk about that every now and then in this blog. Originally, I wanted to write a book about it, to assist people in understanding the condition, but it was too time consuming with everything happening, so I decided to write stuff on a blog instead.

I’ll keep this blog updated with my works mainly, and maybe a few post about life with BD. Here’s to this new blog thing. Cheers!


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